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Our IDEAL formula makes it easy for you to invest in turnkey rental properties that produce cash flow immediately, without wasting any more of your time or money.

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Here are just a few of our client success stories...

"I've purchased 3 homes through RentToRetirement and I'm currently working on my 4th!

I've had nothing but good experiences working with Zach, and all those associated with his company!

He helped me make a clear investment strategy to fit my goals, and then found the rental properties that fit my criteria.

All the rentals have been pretty much hands-off! I just look forward to receiving a check each month!

You need the right people on your team to be successful, and I would say Zach is essential for anyone looking to achieve consistent passive income in the right markets & right neighborhoods!"

Riley Schaefer

"Zach has helped us out tremendously with our investment goals and strategy! He first introduced us to wholesaling to build extra capital to buy rentals with. My husband & I were able to complete two wholesale deals within the first 60 days, netting us around $20K.

We are now working with Zach to develop a plan to acquire enough rental properties to replace our active income, and retire on our terms. I can truly give Zach the highest recommendation to anyone that works with him!

He is very knowledgeable about many areas of investing, and is prompt to follow up on any questions we had. I am confident that with his help, we will achieve our goals of building passive income to live the lifestyle we desire!"


Mila R

"I would fully recommend working with Zach for anyone who is looking for guidance in building a passive income portfolio. 

I've bought nine properties so far in numerous markets (all through Zach's company or affiliates). It's been pretty much a hands off experience. Most my tenants have stayed for multiple years so my vacancy is very low.

I like working with Zach because of his professionalism and attention to detail. He has all the right people in place to help you successfully, and painlessly build a passive income portfolio.

Overall I give him a 5-star recommendation, and plan to continue to invest with him for years to come!"


Eric Nguyen

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